That Time Of The Decade

Well well,

Aren't I a lazy bastard for updating this page every two millenia.
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There is, however, a bit of bigger news, I want to share with you:
The next Album "ADHD" has dropped and is showing up at retailers.

Cover Image

You can listen to it for free at my Reverbnation Page (you can also buy the mp3 download there).
If you have your media sorted elsewhere, you can also click on one of these:


It's done!

The new Album "In For The Kill" is released on Reverbnation
and will hit the shelves of major retailers soon.
Head on over to listen for free
in full length and without any signups!

Listen HERE

Es ist soweit.
Das neue Album "In For The Kill" ist auf Reverbnation released
und wird in Kürze bei den Retailern aufschlagen.
Unter dem Link könnt ihr's euch ohne Anmeldung
schon mal in voller Länge anhören!

Reinziehen HIER
Kaufen DORT


We're Back!

As you may have noticed (or not :P ) we participated in the strike against SOPA, the greatest BULLSHIT to ever float to the top of the toilet, that is the brains of the puppeteers.

The Internet belongs to the people, neither to the Government, nor the media industry.


.... and since I had a little time to dick around, we're back with a few gimmicks: