"New Brooms

... sweep good" is a saying in Germany.

We're currently migrating to a new Environment,
so please bear with us, if you experience any downtime.
As soon, as everything is back in place,
you'll hear from us.

until then, enjoy some good ole metal.

My 15 Minutes

Apparently, seeding some of my material on The Pirate Bay wasn't such a bad idea after all.
Some insane bastard posted links to my page on several music search engines, including, but not limited to:

Tagoo, SeeqPod, and OpenPirate

The result were striking 1283 mp3 Downloads in 7 Days.
For this effort and effect, I would like to give you guys a roaring, raging, rumbling

Real Life

After a sh*tload of Work and a few "minor" changes to my Life (Including being on the phone for two helpdesks, moving to a new place and having a new girlfriend), I finally got around to updating the Page and producing some Music again.

Compilation 15 - "Where is your God now?" is nearing completion and can be downloaded in the Download Section.

However, there is a sneak preview to the first few tracks of Compilation 16 - "The Essence of Life".
They can be found HERE.