Joey Sun Music

Joey Sun Music uses fine tuned equalization,
to achieve that monstarrr bass, you like.
Please make sure, you have some good gear
before cranking up that volume

If you boom your box, don't say, I didn't warn you.


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Older Stuff:

[CD01] - Non Standardized Product
[CD02] - Silent Eruption
[CD03] - License 2 Chill
[CD04] - Spinebreaker
[CD05] - ElectroSmog
[CD06] - Erosive Empire
[CD07] - Rise and Fall
[CD08] - Journey to Self
[CD09] - Velocity
[CD10] - Ill-Usion
[CD11] - "The Real World"
[CD12] - "BassCamp"
[CD13] - EXPERIMENTS - The Secret Metal Electro Files
[CD14] - "Best Of - Rattle the Trunk Edition"
[CD15] - "Where is your God Now?"
[CDXX] - Joey Sun vs. other artists

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